8 Migration Hotspots Where Home Prices are Below the National Median

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In 2022, more people are looking to relocate than ever before. 32% of homeowners explored relocation in the first quarter of the year alone, creating migration hotspots all over the country. With more remote work opportunities, people have more flexibility and are leaving their expensive homes and opting for warmer climates in affordable cities. That said, the once-affordable popular metros, like Miami, FL, and Austin, TX, are experiencing price surges.

So are you looking to move to a more affordable destination? Look no further. We’ve compiled the top eight migration destinations priced below the national median so you can feel confident with your move. Read on to see which migration hotspots people are flocking to, how the real estate market is in those cities, and what makes these migration destinations so attractive.

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Where are people relocating?

Most of those moving come from the high-cost coastal cities like San Francisco, Seattle, and New York. Homeowners are flocking to warmer, more affordable cities in sunbelt states.

With the influx of wealth from northern coastal cities, real estate markets in sunbelt states have become significantly more expensive and competitive. Plus, the cost of living in many areas has increased along with home prices. But many cities are still reasonably affordable, where home prices remain below the national average of $428,379.

The most popular migration destinations where home prices remain around or below the national average are San Antonio, TX, Jacksonville, FL, Houston, TX, Virginia Beach, VA, Bakersfield, CA, Tampa and Cape Coral, FL, and Atlanta, GA. Each city has unique features to offer future residents, from arts and culture to excellent restaurants and school districts. Let’s learn more about each city.

1: San Antonio, TX

Median sale price: $304,000
San Antonio, TX homes for sale
San Antonio, TX apartments for rent

San Antonio has the lowest median home sale price of any migration hotspot on this list, making it one of the more affordable places to relocate. As you search for new homes in this city, check out the most affordable San Antonio suburbs.

Living in San Antonio, TX, offers some fantastic outdoor experiences. From the San Antonio River Walk to fishing in local lakes, there’s something for almost any outdoor enthusiast. If you’re interested in learning more about this large city, there are plenty of historical sights. Explore The Alamo Mission or one of the military museums. 

San Antonio Texas

2. Jacksonville, FL

Median sale price: $319,000
Jacksonville, FL homes for sale
Jacksonville, FL apartments for rent

As the largest city in Florida, Jacksonville, FL, offers a lot to potential future residents. The city has a robust arts and music scene, ranking in the country’s top 25 cities for arts, with strong influences from southern rock, jazz, and blues. 

Jacksonville also has the most extensive urban park system in the US. There are multiple local, state, and national park destinations in Jacksonville, some of which boast 22 miles of beautiful white sand beach.

Jacksonville, FL bridge

3. Houston, TX

Median sale price: $340,000
Houston, TX homes for sale
Houston, TX apartments for rent

As the fourth-largest city in the US with a population of 2,300,000, Houston, TX, is home to an incredible restaurant scene. Whether you’re looking for Tex-Mex takeout on a weeknight or fine dining for your weekend, there’s something for everyone.

As with any large city, you’ll find a thriving arts and culture scene and great outdoor options in Houston. From the Houston Botanic Garden to Geronimo Adventure Park to the Miller Outdoor Theatre, there’s always a way to get outside when the sun is shining.

Houston, TX, Park

4. Virginia Beach, VA

Median sale price: $350,000
Virginia Beach, VA homes for sale
Virginia Beach, VA apartments for rent

Living in Virginia Beach, VA, you’ll feel like living in a city, but without the inconveniences oft a huge population and traffic. Virginia Beach is home to about 460,000 residents, and features great local restaurants, performing arts and music venues, and a hopping nightlife scene. 

Like San Antonio, Virginia Beach may be the place to consider if you love the outdoors. It is home to both a three-mile boardwalk and the Back Bay National Wildlife Refuge, which is perfect for walking and wildlife viewing. It’s also one of the last undeveloped areas along the Atlantic coast.

Virginia Beach, VA

5. Bakersfield, CA

Median sale price: $390,000
Bakersfield, CA homes for sale
Bakersfield, CA apartments for rent

Located in California’s South Central district, Bakersfield, CA, is one of the more affordable places to move in California, which has recently seen increasing property values. Plus, with a population of only 404,000, you won’t encounter the traffic that plagues much of California.

Although Bakersfield usually requires a car to get around, a conveniently-located airport can take you anywhere you need to go. That said, there’s plenty to do in Baskerfield too. Home to tens of miles of biking trails, you can even bike into the Sequoia National Forest from Bakersfield via pathways in the Kern River Ranger District. More so, If you’re an art lover, check out the various galleries, public art and the downtown Art District.

Bakersfield California Home

6. Tampa, FL

Median sale price: $400,000
Tampa, FL homes for sale
Tampa, FL apartments for rent

While Miami is a popular migration destination, its home prices can be expensive. Tampa, FL, is another coastal city like Miami without the sky-high prices. 

With a smaller population of around 385,000, you’ll find Tampa quieter than the average city but reap the same benefits. If you’re looking for sun and summer heat, the weather in Tampa rarely falls below 60 degrees, perfect for water activities on the beach.  

Tampa is one of the best cities in the US for veterans, as there is a military base nearby and plenty of VA facilities throughout the area.

Tampa Florida

7. Cape Coral, FL

Median sale price: $436,350
Cape Coral, FL homes for sale
Cape Coral, FL apartments for rent

One of the smallest cities on this list is Cape Coral, FL. This city offers more small-town charm with only about 205,000 residents. Despite its smaller population, Cape Coral offers doesn’t disappoint when it comes to things to do.

With plenty of wand beaches, more than 70 miles of canals, and space for boating, kayaking, fishing, and walking, this city is perfect for those who love being outside.

To add to the list, Cape Coral has consistently ranked as some of the best schools in the country, according to the US News & World Report. Florida’s public school system is rated the third best in the US. 

Cape Coral FL Canal migration hotspot number 7

8. Atlanta, GA

Median sale price: $450,000
Atlanta, GA homes for sale
Atlanta, GA apartments for rent

Atlanta, GA, is one of the few cities on this list to offer a excellent public transportation. The city is home to the popular commuter rail called MARTA. While the system is still expanding, it can help cut down commute times to and from certain Atlanta suburbs throughout the city.

Atlanta has a lot to offer its residents. Often called the “A City in the Forest,” the tree cover makes hot summer temperatures more tolerable. There are also many opportunities for mountain biking and hiking. One of the longest trails in the city is Stone Mountain Trail, which provides 19 miles to explore.

Atlanta Georgia migration hotspot number 8

Final thoughts

Throughout the US, more people are moving than ever before. These eight cities listed above will give you the amenities and features you would expect to live in a larger city without the high price.  


The top migration destinations and median home sale prices were taken from the Redfin Housing Migration Trends report in May 2022.

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