Better Ad Blocking? Yes Please! Plus Four More Things You Should Know About

 In Five for Wednesday

illustration of a hand indicating blocking or stopping

  1. Google’s Valentine’s gift is a big one: starting tomorrow (on February 15), Chrome will block 12 of the most annoying kinds of web site ads. This is MUCH better than flowers and chocolate.
  2. The wearables market hasn’t grown as fast as some thought it might, but innovations like this — the first FDA-approved seizure-detecting wearable – are both impressive and encouraging.
  3. Read this ASAP if you use an ID-protection service. Some of them appear not to be very secure, and offer less protection than you might think.
  4. Speaking of security, we’d really like to encourage you to learn more about two-factor authentication and how it can help protect your online accounts.
  5. While we want everyone who uses a drone to follow the rules (and here they are, summarized on NAR’s member site), your chances of going to drone jail are pretty slim. Nonetheless, be careful out there.

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