Can someone tell me what exact fundamental evidence there is for a housing market crash?

 In RealEstate

I’m not seeing it

Yet the level of delusion at r/REBubble is boiling over everyday

There are literally people there who think if they wait a few weeks they will get 2017 prices and saying there will be 50% price cuts. When I point out several basic facts like

-If there is a crash depreciation can take several years

-Building of inventory to pre-pandemic levels could take several years

-Housing prices historically appreciate… with few very small exceptions. Even if there is a historical crash prices will rise again.

-There is no subprime loan crisis brewing because regulations were changed.

They have absolutely no counter argument, and maybe some response like “hoomz buyer always goes up”.

These is just a forum of complete trolls right, people can’t actually be that delusional can they?

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