CENTURY 21® Social: How to Use Snapchat for Real Estate

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Snapchat is a powerful social platform to share entertaining, valuable, and informative content. It allows users to communicate through “Stories” containing photos and short videos that can be viewed for up to 24 hours. Users can also send Snaps to specific people on a timer, disappearing as soon as the viewer exits out of it. Real estate agents can take advantage of this social tool for sharing listings, local content, and more.
Every Home Has A Story
Agents can Snap fun facts about each listing and the neighborhood around it. Because the content disappears so quickly, you only have a few seconds to catch the attention of your viewers. You can shoot pictures and videos of each room in the house as “ten-second tours.” Providing snapshots of your listings to your followers will spark interest. Followers can then direct message you to set up a viewing instantaneously.
Snapchat Geofilters
This feature enables agents to use basic geofilters or create a custom option. When the app detects you are in a specific location, unique filters associated with your area become available to overlay on your content.
Pre-made Filters: You can use the geofilters that have already been created to show the coolest spots in the neighborhood. When showing listings in a certain area, agents can travel around the neighborhood itself and display the local bars, restaurants, and stores via Snapchat to add value to the listings.
Custom On-Demand Filters: For a small fee, agents can create their own sponsored filters for events like real estate conferences, open houses, and even local community events, to generate brand awareness and interest. Just be sure to keep your audience in mind and create something that users will want to apply to their content.
This separate app lets you discover Snapchat users who are listed under specific categories, like ‘Real Estate.’ GhostCodes makes it easy for other users to find you and can help you increase your following. It’s a great way to help you build a solid referral network and meet new clients!
The key to Snapchat for real estate agents is to make your audience feel more connected to you. It is important to engage with your clients and share content that they want to interact with.
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