Gamer Mode Activated: 5 Bedroom Gaming Room Ideas to Up Your Play

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Imagine a place where you can wake up in the morning and play your favorite video games without leaving the comfort of your bedroom. A bedroom gaming room is beloved for its convenience and versatility, making it a coveted space to have in your home. These rooms can include a TV, computer, VR setup, desks, or anything your heart desires. So whether you own a home in Los Angeles, CA or rent an apartment in Austin, TX, these bedroom gaming room ideas are for you.

To get you started, we’ve reached out to experts in fields ranging from computer hardware to renovation. Read on to see what they had to say so that you can create your gaming haven, with a setup to help you destroy the competition.

A custom gaming setup

1) Take stock of what you own and consider renovating your bedroom 

Measure the size of your desk, computer, and consoles. If your setup feels a bit cramped, consider knocking down a wall. Make sure to watch out for load-bearing walls. Knocking one down could seriously damage your home. To avoid structural instabilities, we always recommend working with a professional demolition contractor. Bella Contracting Services, serving construction needs of New Jersey and nearby states.

2) Incorporate furniture and custom accessories

Adding accessories like monitor arms and a keyboard tray will offer ergonomic functionality and free up desk space. Additional storage options such as bookcases, mobile drawers, and storage cabinets will keep your bedroom gaming room clean, organized, and free of clutter, allowing you to focus on what’s really important – the game. – Madison Liquidators serving furniture needs of Middleton, WI and surrounding areas.

A bunch of controllers

3) Make sure you have a quality video game chair

Because you will spend a lot of time in front of your computer, it’s important to choose a comfortable gaming chair that fits your frame. Many gaming chairs offer features that will help with this, like soft adjustable armrests, footrests, sturdy frames, and high-density cushions. Pick a chair that suits you, and adjust it as needed. – KaoWin Furniture, a source for custom gaming chairs and desks.

A desk and gaming computer

4) Invest in a display that works for you

If you have space, turn your room into a multi-purpose entertainment bedroom. In one amazing setup, your screen can be used for movies, gaming tournaments, and even large-scale simulation games. While a DIY home theater is affordable, a high-quality setup will cost more. – Carl’s Place, a home theater, simulation, and display expert and retailer.

When looking for a gaming monitor, go for a display of 27 to 32-inches. These sizes have more screen space and great picture clarity. They also come with a range of features (such as fast refresh rates and response times). While the price can vary quite a bit, generally they are very affordable. – VSS Monitoring, a company dedicated to computers, monitors, software, and security.

5) Add soundproofing to ensure maximum sound quality and immersion

Add acoustic panels, soundproof your door, or add soundproof curtains to make your gaming room sound better and look amazing. Acoustic panels absorb echo, improve the quality of sound, and are easily customizable. A combination of these solutions delivers the best results. New York Soundproofing and Acoustical Treatment, serving the sound and acoustical needs of New York City and surrounding areas.

The best reason to soundproof a bedroom gaming room is to enjoy the full qualities of video game soundtracks. Soundproofing allows for a more immersive gaming experience. If you need to be especially quiet, try using headphones instead. – The Soundproofing Company, Inc, a source for complete residential and commercial soundproofing solutions.

Soundproofing with wall panels will do many things for your space. It will make all the sounds in your room clearer by reducing noise, and it will allow you to reduce the volume of the speakers. Sound panel square footage should equal 5% of the total volume of the room. You can also add to the room’s ambiance by selecting a printed canvas-wrapped panel with your artwork of choice printed on it, or by backlighting it with some LEDs. – Sonusna, a company dedicated to creating vibrant acoustics and hospitable spaces.

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