Getting discouraged (awesome houses, bad neighbors with dogs or unkept nasty homes Nextdoor)

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So I recently moved to texas and we are looking for a home. The price point is around 400k in the outskirts of texas (not Austin / Dallas)

So far every house in nice neighborhoods with other similar prices homes end up being perfect, we want the house, but we drive by morning, lunch, after dinner before seeing them to get an understanding of the area, and boom. Dogs

Every house has had an adjacent neighbor (even houses out in the country on 2-3 acres) have these yappy annoying dogs barking non stop. I get it we are new to the area. We pull up. They bark the entire showing. We open the back patio door. Non stop. The house today we really enjoyed so we sat in silence (dog couldn’t see us as the other house was 50 feet lower) for 15 minutes. Dog goes non stop…

Is this normal? Does it get better? I’m in shock the amount of dogs just left outside (some not cared for really well). Is this a common issue for home buyers?/r/

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