How Can We Bring More Imagination to the Customer Experience?

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The Relentless podcast is back, and we are bringing down the house with our line-up for season two. Kicking things off with a new host, new featured guests, thought-provoking topics, and one episode already under our belt, what better way to start the conversation on bringing more imagination to the customer experience, than with host, author, and entrepreneur, Kristen Meinzer, and guest and serial entrepreneur, Tina Roth Eisenberg.

It’s safe to say that no manual comes with being a serial entrepreneur however, Tina has managed to successfully and organically launch a diverse portfolio of businesses and has gathered some, let’s say, insightful gems along the way. These gems have been the very crux of Tina’s business growth.

As Founder of Creative Mornings, the world’s largest community and lecture series for creatives, Tina believes that adding an element of surprise and delight can help elevate the customer experience.

This just may be a game-changer.

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Think about the last time you had a memorable experience with a business, as a customer, and it stayed with you. We’re not just talking about good customer service here, but an extra layer of added delight to your experience. Did your experience leave you feeling compelled to share with others, or even return as a repeat customer? Did it make your day? Did it leave you with a smile? Did it set this business apart from the rest?

#WhatIf adding surprise and delight could help your business increase customer loyalty and left your customers with a lasting impression to share with others?

In this episode, Tina shares some creative and meaningful ways she’s been able to playfully elevate her customer’s experience. Let’s just say there’s confetti involved.

You’ll have to listen to the full episode to catch the rest. Listen to 1st episode of season two of The Relentless, and #jointheconversation on bringing more imagination to your customer’s experience.

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