How do you stay sane while properly hunting?

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Me and my partner are in the early stages of trying to find a property of our own.

We have gone looking for some places and even placed bids. Our criteria list isn’t crazy and we got a decent downpayment to throw in. But time after time the places we look at are sold in less than a week and some 30% over the original asking price. These prices are insane and we just can’t compete even for these old, dusty, moldy places that sell for top dollar. It’s getting to a point where I don’t even wanna go see new options at this point because I can’t take the disappointment.

And before someone mentions, yes, we are already flexible in terms of area and size. But it’s just soul-crushing that two rather well-earning people in their 30s can’t afford a two-bedroom apartment in an area where you can put your kids to half-decent schools and don’t have to travel more than an hour to work.

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