Literally tons of garbage hidden all over new property.

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Hi folks.

I recently purchased a 12 acre parcel in Oregon and have had possession for just over three months. The property was so completely overgrown when I purchased it that large tracts were impassible.

Over the last several months I’ve been clearing the property with heavy equipment, and it’s been a nightmare.

One acre was completely plowed in order to clear brush – I’ve extracted over 1600 lbs of plastic garbage from that area alone.

In one spot it appears a mobile home was pushed over and buried.

Several HUNDRED gallons of motor oil have been found in rusting 55 gallon drums, several have been compromised, leaving the oil to drain into the soil.

Hundreds of pounds of broken glass in the forest a making the area completely unsafe for pets and children.

Thousands of pounds of rubber hose.

Over 50 tires.

Hundreds of assorted rusting car parts.

Did the seller have a responsibility to disclose this? If so, what channels should I pursue?


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