Need help! Been in a drawn out process trying to buy a home and things just get stranger and stranger.

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So my fiancé and I found a house we like in the Saint Louis area. The house had been listed on Zillow for around 400,000. The house seemed a little overpriced and we went back and forth and initially agreed upon 370,000 to purchase the home. The house is beautifully renovated, but still slightly priced above what it should be. The sellers were initially unwilling to go below 390,000, but eventually agreed to 370,000.

Their reason for this was that they spent a lot of money renovating the home for themselves, and had plans to move in and put a lot of money into. They said their kids were unwilling to move school districts, so they had to sell the home.

We agree on inspection fixes, set a closing date, and get to the point where we work with the title company. The title company finds a 91,000 irs lien on the property that the sellers were unaware of. They had purchased the home a few years back out of foreclosure and hired attorneys to purchase the home. They claim the attorneys they used did not inform them that there was a lien on the property.

A couple of days pass and our agent contacts us saying the sellers are willing to pay the lien, since they are confident that they will win the lawsuit against the attorneys that sold them the home. We agree to sign a 14 days extension to our closing date and ask them to pay the fees for the mortgage rate lock extension to which they agreed.

Today we get a call from our agent that the sellers are now unwilling to pay the lien and their lawyer stated he promised to have this settled in the next two weeks. I am so confused. How did this happen? How can you buy a home with a lien through a lawyer and not know there is a lien on it?

So here is where I need help. We don’t have a lot of time to look at other houses and really like the home. Can they really resolve this in 14 days? Does this sound fishy? We don’t want to start all over and lock in a rate on a new home ina few months at a higher interest rate. Any advice is appreciated!

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