One of These Magic Rings is Available for Pre-Order, Plus Four More in Five for Wednesday

 In Five for Wednesday

The wearables market seems to have cooled off quite a bit. But the Token Ring – which can open car doors, remember your passwords, and has some impressive security features – may heat things up again.
I believe our own Chad Curry has previously written about this, but it’s so cool it bears repeating: the moss-covered CityTree can purify as much air as do 275 regular trees.
Here you thought Brooklyn was just about hipsters and artisan mayonnaise; now it’s the home of people making their own electric grid.
A mapping company and a design studio got together and produced Penny, which uses machine learning to predict the average income of city blocks. FROM SPACE.
And speaking of AI and machine learning, Twitter can predict things like riots faster than the police can. The use of volunteered social information by AI (for both positive and negative things) is going to be huge.

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