Open House Tips & Scripts for More Leads, More Profit

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By Jennie Moshure 

It was a Sunday. My maternity leave had come to an end, and I was struggling to leave my baby and husband for an open house. Still, I went to my office … Only to find errors on my yard signs. Then, I spilled coffee on my dress. Every one of the 20 balloons I blew up escaped from my car. I finally called my team lead in tears. “This is going to be the worst open house,” I proclaimed. He replied with words of encouragement: “You’ve got this: just show up and do your best.” 

This confidence boost helped me have one of my most profitable open houses ever, resulting in at least four transactions in our prime area. From that moment forward, I regarded open houses as a top prospecting opportunity. Through study and experience, our team has refined our open house strategy while learning several lessons along the way.

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