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Still trying to process the situation so apologies if this sounds ranty or incomprehensible at all.

The shortish story:

Wife and I have been searching for a long time for a house – almost 2 years now. We FINALLY found the dream home for us and our kids this past weekend and put a very aggressive offer on the house. Found out through an interesting chain of events from the sellers themselves that our offer was NEVER presented to them despite us having the highest bid. According to the seller, we would have gotten the house had they seen our offer since it blew the accepted offer out of the water. Once we originally learned we lost the house, we drew up another aggressive backup offer in the event the deal fell through but the sellers told us they never received that either despite them explicitly asking for it from the agent. The sellers also told us that they have tried to get out of the contract with the buyer but have so far been unsuccessful as the buyer and wont back out (this is what they were told but who knows if the agent or agency even reached out). According to their correspondence with us the sellers are even potentially going to the state real estate commission and possibly thinking of taking legal action. We don’t know if they are following through with this or not.

We are at our wits end about what to do and are hoping for a miracle that this somehow falls through. Is there anything we can or should do? Litigation? We are flabbergasted by what has transpired and are absolutely devastated and livid knowing that we were SO close to finally getting a house we lived only to be cheated out of it because of one person’s actions.

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