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It’s things like, creating a personal and customized
experience, that keep the referrals coming to Todd Black. From very early on in
his career, Todd realized he had a knack for relating to people and making them
feel special. He saw this as an opportunity to make his mark in real estate and
offer his clients something above and beyond what they would expect from a real
estate agent. Todd is a winner of the 2019
Relentless Agent Awards
, and it’s his personalized hands-on approach that helps
him stand out as one of the relentless.

There’s a side of Todd that likes to get right to the heart
of things to see what it takes to make them work. He is a firm believer in
making friends with and getting to know his clients. This, he says, helps him
to have a better understanding of what their individual needs are. It is Todd’s
firm understanding of people that has become the blueprint of creating a
personal and customized experience for each of his clients.

“I listen more than I talk. It helps me to understand my clients and their unique situations better.”

Todd Black

Todd believes that if you can find a way to understand the
uniqueness of people, it will give you insight to how you can deliver the
extraordinary. When working with one client, he quickly learned that in order
to complete the transaction, it would require a more personalized hands-on
approach. Watch this story unfold below.

Todd says that listening has become one of his greatest
assets. He lives in an area where the market is very competitive and he learned
very early that if he was going to stand out, he needed to be different. For
Todd, being different means creating long-lasting personal experiences for his

Here are some key points Todd uses when creating these experiences
for his clients:

  1. Listen
    more than talk-
    A listening ear will help you gain a better sense of what your
    client needs outside of the transaction. Whether it’s emotional support,
    encouragement, or a hands-on project, listening to the needs of your client
    will allow you to serve them in a more meaningful way.
  2. Don’t
    settle for average-
    Sometimes meeting a client’s needs will require you to
    go above and beyond. Look for ways to give 121% in exceeding your client’s
    expectations. This will help them feel regarded and creates a long-lasting
    positive personal experience.
  3. Communicate
    and deliver-
    Once you’ve communicated to your client how you will meet
    their needs throughout the transaction, then deliver what you’ve communicated.
    Your delivery and follow-through will show them you’re reliable and they can
    depend on you when they need you most.

What does Todd do to remain relentless? He sticks to his goals
of doing what it takes to be a refreshing change in the industry. Read more
about Todd’s story by visiting our Relentless
Agent website

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