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Not sure if this is the right place to post. The AC at my rental unit went out last night. The family living there let me know at 9 PM. I got someone out there the next day (today) at 7 PM and it’s been fixed and is working fine now.

The issue is, the wife sent me and my husband over 275 text messages, voicemails, and videos on both her and her husbands phone. She basically was so pissed about the AC saying that she was cursing at us and threatening to call the cops and stuff. Her husband apologized many times to us, but my husband and I are just in shock. We got it fixed so quickly and where we live it’s like 75 degrees right now so it isn’t even that hot.

Edited to add: she’s still sending us messages, even after the AC is fixed, stating that she plans to take us to court for not resolving the issue soon enough and for her children’s suffering.

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