What We’re Reading: April 2-6

 In What We're Reading

HR, taxes, letters, agriculture, technology, secrets, theft, and credit cards.

A simplified dress code that consists of just two words? Makes sense to us.

Location, location, low property taxes.

Can you correctly identify the “g” from these four options? If so, you’re in rare company.

The City of Lights is known for art, fashion, gastronomy, culture, and…agriculture?


Sure, you could save your eggshells and garden the old fashioned way, but we live in the future!

The first cell phone call was placed on April 3 in 1973, but did you realize how long car phones have been around?!

Oh, we love a good secret passage!

It takes a certain type of person to steal a coworkers lunch, and this one is savage.

It’s been quite some time since we thought your credit card signature mattered, but this is being treated as news?




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