What We’re Reading: April 9-13

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Closing, bots, candy, relocation, technology, community, and books.

There are many variables in play before a sale closes. Have you run into any of these?

Are you clicking a link shared by a person or a bot?

Why hasn’t anyone told New England Confectionery Co. that all they need to do is rename these “Blockchain Wafers” to save them?

Joe Dykes/flickr/2007

Thinking of moving? These places will pay you to live there.

Thinking of combining households with your parents or adult children? You’re not alone.

Just your daily reminder that you leave behind an indelible record online. Proceed with care.

Speaking of the internet, a new form of online authentication is around the bend.

Get ready for a new iteration of Gmail!

This building amenity is well ahead of its time.

Would this strategy help in your community?

A new Tolkien book! Kind of.


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