What We’re Reading: August 13-17

 In What We're Reading

Steve Martin, better meetings, a new Girl Scout cookie, a solution for open offices and making schools safer for students and staff.

Making meetings more effective.  We all need that!

More than 8 million square feet of shopping space–what else will the new Dubai Square mall contain?

Floor to ceiling windows can make schools safer, along with making the administrative offices more visible and creating central meeting hubs for increased student interaction.

Joella Marano/flickr/2011

Fun fact–Steve Martin’s dad was President of the Newport Beach Association of REALTORS®.

The complex story of a house with a clouded history.

Installing Echo Dots to help Saint Louis University students.

Hate your open office?  Try a room from ROOM.

Get tips for securing your smart home here.

Mmmm–a new Girl Scout cookie!

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