What We’re Reading: January 8-12

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Lots of tech and pets, plus snow and regional dialects.
American kids get their first cellphone at age 10? Our parents never even got us our own landline! Should major companies address dependency on their tech? #GetOffMyLawn #ShakesFist
CES is like Christmas all over again! Check out some of the coolest tech showcased at this year’s event.
We see how these could save a hip, but wouldn’t you still risk back injury by falling onto one of these?
Pets are part of the family, so some companies offer leave accordingly.

Srdjan Stojiljkovic/flickr/2015
This shared work space company welcomes dogs, and will soon welcome children, too.
This museum will welcome at least one dog. Who’s a good puppy? You are!
The Sahara Desert has had three snow events, two of which occurred in the last two years.
How do you pronounce “syrup?”

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