What We’re Reading: March 5-9

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Security, disruption, communities, records, merit badges, home history, and malfunctions.

When is it more prudent to use a credit card over a debit card? This should help.

Looking for a more efficient appraisal? This company is set to disrupt.

Our sleep is about to be disrupted, too. Florida is looking to join Arizona and Hawaii on that front.

Jonathan Stonehouse 2015

Jonathan Stonehouse/flickr/2015

What would it take for you to try communal living? These San Franciscans are giving it a go.

How about life in a sustainable city? Fort Myers has such a place.

Shaquem Griffin’s combine performance was extraordinary! Check out the highlights.

The Girl Scouts experience is more than sewing sit-upons and selling cookies — they are now prepping to fight cybercrime as well!

It’s important to know as much as possible about one of the biggest purchases in a lifetime. Here are some tips to find out the history of a home.

Has your Alexa emitted a laugh unexpectedly? That’s creepy, but Alexa’s response to being asked if she can laugh is creepier.


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