What We’re Reading: May 7-11

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Sunscreen, tech, architecture, meetings, travel, and location.

Check your sunscreen ingredients before you go to Hawaii.

Amazon and Lennar are pairing up for this smart initiative.

Does anyone else type a word out, see the suggested emoji and opt for it instead of the word that took 8 keystrokes? We might be missing the point of the emoji keyboard.

Here’s a great way to avoid putting thought into writing emails.


Iceberg! Straight ahead!

Do you think you’ll ever live in a 3D printed house?

Shipping containers can be used for so many things.

Building in California? You might need these.

Building at all? Consider the impact on future generations.

First, is your meeting necessary? If so, make it better.

Layovers don’t have to be terrible.

So they’re saying location is important?

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