What We’re Reading–October 29-November 2

 In What We're Reading

 The Titanic II, walkable cities, Gettysburg ghosts, prefab houses and much more compiled by Anne-Marie Siudzinski, Senior Library Information Specialist.

Find your polling place with help from Hall & Oates!



Swimming in a Mickey Mouse pool at a Disney-themed house.

Saving cacti  and succulents in the Sonoran Desert.

The benefits of reusing old buildings.

Make your reservations to sail on the Titanic II in 2022.  Just watch out for icebergs.

Why walkable cities are great for the local economy.

Find the nearest water fountain and fill up your water bottle for free.

The architectural history of Sears.

Fido now has his own Advent calendar. Shouldn’t cats have one too?

Would you buy a prefab home from Amazon?

Ghostly Gettysburg.


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