What We’re Reading–October 7-October 12

 In What We're Reading

Self-destructing art, a giant pumpkin, Christmas sweaters, the Rage Cage, the Internet of Things, a very detailed map and much more compiled by Anne-Marie Siudzinski, Senior Library Information Specialist.

Self-destructing art–wait, what, why? Here’s the update.

A giant pumpkin from Oregon.

Are you a time realist?

Gareth Simpson/flickr/2008

What is erupting besides water from a Yellowstone geyser?  Coins, glass, concrete and a pacifier.

It is not too early to begin thinking about Christmas sweaters. Have some Christmas tree-flavored chips while you are wearing that sweater.

Enter the Rage Cage and destroy some stuff.

The Internet of Things is compromising security and privacy.

Did the ancient Greeks predict current technology?  A Stanford historian says yes.

Make your 2019 reservations for Norway’s underwater restaurant.

A very, very detailed map.

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