You Can Buy The Piano Teacher’s Home from Groundhog Day

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Movie fans will surely recognize this craftsman home, just listed for $249,000.


Rise and shine campers and take a peek inside this newly-listed home featured in the movie, “Groundhog Day.” 

In the cult classic, Bill Murray’s character Phil Connors, a local TV weatherman, is cursed to relive the same day over and over again. Faced with eternity in small town Punxsutawney, PA (actually filmed mostly here, in Woodstock, IL), Phil learns to master everything from ice sculpting to playing the piano.

The latter he learns in this craftsman home, priced at $249,000, which makes a few cameos as Phil takes lessons.

“The home was selected for the film for its rustic beauty and all-American charm,” said Redfin agent David Leigh. “The current owners purchased it eight years after the movie came out, and it has continued to improve over the years. There are new wooden floors throughout, updated kitchen and bathrooms, but the best part of the house is perhaps the historic expansive porch, which enhanced a memorable movie scene.”

Indeed there’s the entryway, where Phil convinces the local piano teacher to take him on as a student, despite being booked up, to the tune of $1,000.

Which inevitably leads to this recognizable porch, where a poor confused girl stands outside after being ousted by Phil.

“At least a few times a month, especially in summer and of course, in February, guests from around the globe walk by and take photos,” David said. “Every Groundhog Day for the past 10 years, the owners’ youngest daughter serves hot cocoa to walking tour visitors that stop to see the home that weekend.”

Of course, the house is so much more than mere movie set, and has been generously updated since the film’s 1993 debut. Keep reading to take a deeper look, but fair warning: copious movie references ahead.

Perhaps it’s in this living room, where Phil returns each day to learn how to play.

Rooms are light and airy, like this stunning master.

Surely this sleek subway-tiled shower works better than Phil’s freezing cold one at his nearby B&B.

Purchase the four bedroom home and host other film-loving friends in one of the spacious bedrooms.

A large kitchen has a farmhouse feel, where it’s never too early for flapjacks.

There’s a detached, two-car garage with ample storage space. Just don’t drive angry.

With a tranquil deck and expansive yard, you’ll surely want to live relaxed days on repeat.

When you’re ready to venture out, pass by other local film landmarks, such as Woodstock’s town square, where revelers celebrated Groundhog Day, and Phil the Groundhog made his big prediction. Watch out for that first step, it’s a doozy!

Or this stately building, portrayed as the grand ‘Pennsylvanian Hotel,’ which is actually the Woodstock Opera House. In the movie, it’s where Phil’s colleagues stay, and the drink of the day at the hotel bar is a sweet vermouth, on the rocks, with a twist. It might make you think of Rome, the way the sun hits the buildings in the afternoon. If you’re a fan, anyway.

Ready for more? The full listing, complete with photos and a 3D Walkthrough, is available here.


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