After accepting verbal ‘sight unseen’ offer, buyer wants to come see property

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Our agent listed our condo in a very desirable location in preparation for an open house this weekend. This morning she presented us an offer by an investor for over asking, “sight unseen” and without inspection. We accepted, 99% of the reason being that we wouldn’t have to clean up, do the cosmetic repairs and displace our pets during the open house.

A few minutes ago, the written offer came in and includes no inspection contingency, but the buyer wants to physically see the inside of the property tomorrow, no need to clean up.

This is kind of feeling an awful lot like just a way to see the property before the open house… Since the buyer is a professional, just doing a walk through is basically equivalent to an inspection and since they haven’t put down any deposit there’s really nothing stopping them from walking away basically not really making this a ‘sight unseen’ offer.

Is this a common tactic/not a good faith offer, or am I just overthinking this and the buyer just wants to make sure the property actually exists/isn’t totally trashed?

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