Android Oreo Is Here; Amazon’s Got New Competition; More in Five For Wednesday

 In Five for Wednesday

Android users rejoice. Oreo is here, and it looks impressive. Get the scoop directly from Google.
In the race to dominate voice-controlled e-commerce, Amazon will have a formidable challenger: Google and Walmart have joined forces to bring shopping to Google Home and Google Assistant devices.
A new app “scrambles” what your smartphone’s key pad looks like from a distance, making it nearly impossible for snoopers to steal your passcode.
In what we hope won’t become a common practice for those of us who use and love technology, smart speaker maker Sonos is forcing users to accept a privacy policy that isn’t very respectful of one’s privacy.
Finally, one for the ride home: a longer piece on who “owns” the internet and what it means (and will mean) for all of us.

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