Easy Easter Egg Hunt Ideas For in and Around Your Home

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One of the high points of Easter is the egg hunt. Kids young and old anticipate it, looking forward to searching for brightly colored eggs and maybe getting a few goodies as well. This year, why not start a new tradition with these clever, creative ideas for in and around the house.

The Easter Bunny Came!

This is more traditional, but with a twist or two. After the kids dye their eggs and put them in their baskets, have them leave the baskets in a prominent place – say, the kitchen table or on the sofa in the living room – when they go to bed. Once they are asleep, hide the eggs and fill their baskets with treats such as trinket gifts and candy. When they wake up, they can have an early morning Easter egg hunt.

When you hide the real eggs, add a few plastic ones filled with special treats. If you are concerned about animals getting them while they are hidden overnight, you can always hide them inside.

Everyone’s a Winner

Skip the candy and give the kids things that they will love. Fill plastic eggs with slips of paper that have rewards like “eat dessert first,” “skip chores for a day,” “stay up for an extra half hour,” or others. The kids get to keep the rewards in the eggs they find.

Winter Weather Easter Egg Hunt

Sometimes Mother Nature just won’t cooperate, and you wake to snow or rain on Easter or other inclimate weather that drives you indoors, you can still have fun searching in the house. Have an adult take the kids in a room while other adults do the hiding in two or three rooms. Just make sure that all breakables are out of reach and those rooms are kid proof. When children hunt Easter eggs they can get rowdy!

The Golden Egg

Hide a golden egg with a special prize inside along with the other eggs. Whoever finds the it gets to keep the prize. Don’t forget to make it a little harder to find though.

The Easter Quest

If a rainy Easter has you stuck in the house, give the kids the indoor egg hunt of their lives. Start with a note from the Easter bunny, then guide them with clues attached to each egg that lead them to the next and ultimately to a big basket with all kinds of goodies. Bunny tracks are fun too if the kids are too little to read clues.

The Little Ones Aren’t Left Out

If you have little ones and you are afraid the big kids will find all the eggs, here are three solutions:

  • Big kid/little kid teams – Each big kid gets a little kid and they hunt as a team, splitting what they find.
  • Each kid gets a color – Each kid is assigned a color and they can only collect eggs that are that color. That way, everyone finds something and they all end up with the same amount.
  • Separate hunts – Let the little ones hunt in a certain area with easier hiding spots and the big kids are in an area that is more challenging.

Safety Tips

Walk with the little ones and help them. Older kids might not be paying attention and accidentally bump into the little ones. Have an adult walk with each little child to help them and prevent accidents from occurring.

Clean the yard or area where the kids will be hunting eggs a few days beforehand. Pick up any debris or trash, empty containers that hold water, and clean your lawn furniture. Make the area as kid friendly as possible.

Set rules such as no running, no throwing, stay within set boundaries, or whatever is relevant to your yard or home and the kids.

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