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The devastation left behind by hurricane Sandy was something
that had many families feeling like they had nowhere to turn. When you ask
Relentless Agent Award winner, Chris Dellaccio, he says it helped him to become
more compassionate for others, seeing entire families, including his own
parents, lose the homes they loved and worked so hard for.

Sandy affected over 20 states including all the eastern seaboard. It caused an
estimated $71 billion in damages, making it the 4th costliest storm
in US History
. Chris serves one of the areas in Long Island hit, by Sandy,
the hardest. After the storm, what was considered a normal buying and selling
process had become drastically different for Chris.

He says going through this process with each client, took a
lot of patience, compassion, and going above and beyond. From start to finish,
Chris wore many hats to meet the needs of his clients. He had a role in the new
construction of badly damaged homes, he secured contractors to provide quotes,
he had the challenge of listing some homes as is, he had to enroll in flood and
insurance classes to help educate his clients, and he even had to search for
other builders who were looking for opportunities to build in what was now
considered a high-risk area. He worked with some clients for as many as 2-3

“You’d get to know the families over the years, you’d become emotionally vested in them, and emotionally vested in the home…”

-Chris Dellaccio

It was this same compassion to give 121% and to go above and beyond to help a client that lead him to become of the winners of the Relentless Agent Awards. Watch Chris’ story below of how he went the extra mile for one of his clients.

Striving to go above and beyond is something that comes
naturally to Chris. Here are three ways Chris’ gives 121% when serving his

  1. Treat others the way you want to be treated– “When someone hires me, they’re putting all of their trust in me to handle one of the biggest sales of their lives. To go above and beyond, you’re paying the client back for putting so much trust in you.”
  2. Prioritize your clients- “I’m an employee of theirs for the next however many months It takes to sell a house. Prioritize your client over other things.”
  3. Provide a quality level of service- “As you increase production, it’s easy for the quality of the nature of your relationship with your clients to falter. Continue providing that level of service while increasing production. Give personal attention to each one of your clients and be there every step of the way.”

The meaning of relentless, to Chris, is giving 121%, despite
how busy you are, or how long a transaction may take. Learn more about Chris
and his story by visiting the Relentless
Agent website

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