I own a condo, my neighbor keeps putting complaints about “noise”

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I hope this is the proper sub as it touches on investing, real estate and home ownership.

I bought the condo in March of ‘18 as an investment and also to live in for the time being. Around May I decided to mount a TV onto my wall. I have large concrete beams throughout my unit so I drilled 3, 3/16” holes into the concrete and pounded in some concrete anchors with threaded ends. This was Saturday at 2pm and the drilling I did was about 2 minutes worth, total, of drilling. Another 30 seconds of hammering to secure the anchors. I was done drilling and just had one anchor to secure and I hear a pounding at my door. A Neighbor, apparently below me, greets me with a few expletives and I kindly tell him exactly what I’m doing and if he’d like to take a quick peak and see that it’s very minor. He continues with the expletives and at that point I voice to him how I’m not appreciative of his condescending attitude. He then appears dumbfounded that I confronted him about his behavior and he then continues to say he will let management know what I’m doing while dropping a few more expletives. (I swear all the time but not in an angry tone to people I’ve never met, let alone a neighbor).

Also consider the fact this is the first time we have ever met. I’m making an improvement to my home and he is yelling and swearing at me.

I said, “fine why don’t you do that,” and proceeded to shut the door and turn back into my unit. I watched through the peep hole as he stood there again, dumbfounded that I had basically brushed him off. I assume he thought, for some reason, he would come up to my home, swear at me and somehow get me to capitulate.

Anyways as soon as I went back inside I wrote an e-mail to management stating what I was doing, the time of day, how brief it was and how my neighbor had showed up to my unit swearing at me. I then finished securing the last anchor and then mounted my tv.

A few months go by and it’s about July. I decide to have the floors done in both of the bedrooms. I e-mail management to confirm and also make them aware of what I am doing. Once I get proof of insurance and a set date from the contractor I e-mail this info to management. They again confirm and seem generally excited another condo owner is upgrading/changing their unit. I post notices on the walls on my floor and the floor below the day of to warn about construction noises going on, from 8-4pm for the next 3 week days. I remove the carpet the day prior and no issue seems to have arisen as I was extra careful to make sure I was quiet for my sensitive neighbor.

The first day of contractor work starts and they have to grind the old leveling concrete off. They do this starting at 9am the first day. Loud work is allowed to be performed from 9-5pm Monday-Friday and larger time windows on the weekend, except Sunday.

This same neighbor complains to management. on day one of the flooring upgrade. They(mgmt) call and ask me how long the grinding will proceed. Apparently the contractor was made aware of this as wel because when I came back after to check they were aware of the complaint and said they only grinding for 2-3 hours and told me they were sorry. I said I’m paying you guys for this, it’s not a problem, don’t worry and the guy complaining is trying to make an issue out of me improving my home.

The second day they lay down their cement, hardener and color I believe. This apparently wasn’t loud enough for my downstairs neighbor to complain. The third day they need to polish the floor with varying grits with a large floor buffer/polisher in order to give the floor a nice shine. I was made aware of my neighbors complaint as soon as they started the 3rd day and management asked me when they would be done. I said it’ll take 8 hours and the noise will be intermittent. They called again around 4pm asking again and Contractor called me asking if they could finish otherwise they would have to come back a 4th day, costing me more money and annoying the jag off below me further. I said just finish up, they were done by around 5:15.

After this they are done and the following day I move all my furniture back into the bedrooms and you think the downstairs neighbor would be ok now.

He now states to management maybe two weeks later in an e-mail that he can hear my every move, walking, Bed creaking etc and that he believes I have somehow changed the structure of his unit(I believe he used this verbiage to force their hand and investigate further). With this escalation they then ask me if I have put a rug down(totally my discretion wether or not I need something in my unit) but I did get a bedroom rug so I relay this info to them. They use this fact to buy more time because downstairs neighbor thinks I don’t have a rug.(as if that’s any of his fucking business).

He apparently kept complaint because then Management then asks me if the building engineer and myself can go into my unit, walk around, Shake the bed, and step on the flooring while the downstairs neighbor and the building manager are in that unit. I agree and come Home during my lunch on a Wednesday. Me and the engineer go into my unit. We walk around, I even jump in a few different areas to try and make some noise. I shake the bad, sit down on it, try to get it to “squeak” and the manager and downstairs neighbor are unable to hear any noise as we are up there attempting to reproduce whatever the neighbor is claiming he’s hearing.

This was about two months ago we did the “test,” so having not heard anything from management in a while I assumed it had gone away.

Well last night I get a phone call from management asking,” did I get a rug, downstairs Neighbor is still complaining?” I tell her why haven’t I heard of these further complaints, I haven’t been made ware of anything since we tried to reproduce noise 2 months ago.

I feel like management has let me down for not telling me when or what time of day this guy is logging complaints against me because then I can’t refute anything like if I wasn’t home during that time or anything like that.
She said, “well I told him to record the sound and he did. He played it for me and I can hear “something.” Now I’m damn near livid because I don’t get to hear this recording either. Not to mention we live on a busy street near downtown so cars are constantly driving down the street. There are 3 hospitals less than a mile away with sirens going off and a fire station 2 blocks away. Between fire, police and ambulance sirens are a common occurrence. There is also an L train 3 blocks away and a major highway 2 blocks away. Not to mention trucks and busses with cargo crashing down the street and motorcycles or other loud vehicles revving loudly down the street. Mind you he’s on the 3rd floor as well, much closer to the street.

Keeping all this in mind she then says because he had this “recording,” he has thus forced her to escalate again. Management states they will be bringing in a contractor to do “sound testing,” in his unit. I say ok I want this to be over with and the convo is ended. I consider the noisy street and ambient noise around and decide to e-mail management stating, “I’m not sure how this sound test will be performed, but considering all the ambient noise a decibel reading can hardly be impartial or an exact Measurement of noise produced by my unit.” She responds that she understands and I state that I wish all correspondence further relating to this issue should be posted to this e-mail chain so everything can be documented. I haven’t had anything else pertaining to this issue to save because moronic management has only ever called me in the past to relay that a complaint was made against me. They also made it seem as though it had gone away since I hadn’t heard anything for months. I only had the one outgoing email stating I was mounting my TV back in May.

Anyways I don’t know what to do and I am getting nervous as the downstairs Neighbor won’t let this alone. I almost want to state to management that I feel I am being harassed by this man via management. I have done everything according to the condo by-laws and I definitely didn’t change the “structure” of the building as this asshat claims. I also feel management has done me a disservice by not bringing the complaints to my attention as they were logged. I am awaiting confirmation of them performing this “sound test,” what should I do from here moving forward?

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