Plan Your Business, Power Will Follow

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By Antoinette Perez

It’s the fourth quarter; nine months have already passed, there are three left to go and there is an entire new year staring you in the face. It’s a tremendous task to not only reflect on what you have accomplished, but to plan for what’s to come. Even more daunting is the thought of planning when you don’t know how or where to begin.

I’ve seen it year after year, working with agents of all production levels – business planning can be intimidating, especially for those working dual careers until they get their real estate business off the ground. New agents ask themselves, “How can I plan for a business when I have no production records or idea of what a reasonable goal is?” Let me assure you that everyone has been where you are today. The difference between those who made it big and those who didn’t is largely in part due to their successful business planning and commitment to work ON their business.

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