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I think its important we do this every once in a while.

I’ve spent the last 2 weeks in a bunch a sketchy af buildings deadbeats have been breaking into to steal crap, and I got a notice from our local board about someone luring women agents so its been on my mind.

So RE folks here, whether you are rehabbers, investors, agents, or property managers, what do you do to make sure you get home safe at night? What should you do?

I use to be pretty good about always keeping a calendar (my wife has access too) so if I go missing she would at least know where I was and who I was meeting with. Also sometimes it can be a good idea to call someone on the phone, or text where you are and say to call the cops if you don’t text back in 10 minutes or whatever.

A few others when you aren’t alone-

  • Always let the prospect be in front of you. You should be between them and the nearest exit.
  • Flip the deadbolt or lock when you enter so the door can not be slammed behind you.
  • Do not schedule any appointments without getting a name and number. Call this 15 minutes before both to make sure they gave you a real number and you don’t get stood up.
  • When you enter a structure, announce yourself. Be LOUD. If someone is there that shouldn’t be, you do not want to sneak up on them.
  • If someone creeps you out a lil bit, call anyone, call your own vmail, call time and temp, doesn’t matter, and say “Yes this is so and so, just checking in I’m with mr. whoever for our appointment. I will check in after we are done.”
  • If someone creeps you out a lot, trust yourself and get out. Say your kid just got sick and needs picked up, your husband who is a mma fighter had a car accident, etc. Doesn’t matter, just leave. There is always another $, not always another day.
  • If you work in apartments, take your prospects ID and lock it IN YOUR OFFICE until you return. This does two things. It makes sure they didn’t give you a fake name, and it makes them unsure about getting back in or who might be there and there is damning proof of them being there if something happens to you.

What else you all have?

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