Redfin Agent Helps Plan Epic Marriage Proposal in Milwaukee

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Milwaukee Proposal

Kevin Murray’s home search wasn’t special just because he found the perfect house, but also because he found the perfect person to help call it home. He knew the newly purchased Bayview home would be just the right backdrop for an epic marriage proposal, and consulted his Redfin agent to help with the plan.

“Kevin had a great idea to make the proposal extra special by incorporating their story permanently throughout the home,” said Redfin Milwaukee agent Randy Lee. “Since they were already planning to re-paint the interior, he landed on writing their story all over the walls, where it would remain beneath their new paint.”

The special love notes include stories about the pets they’ve adopted, lyrics from their favorite song and a timeline containing all of the cities they’ve live in during their five-year relationship.

Milwaukee Proposal

“Randy and I spent days planning this proposal, while making sure Kimberly didn’t go in the home for a couple days so we could keep this under wraps,” said Murray. “We were able to keep it a surprise, and we’re looking forward to our life together in this beautiful new home.”

“My favorite part was he put our cats’ names on the walls, so they will also always be a part of this home,” said newly engaged Kimberly Gendron. “Painting over the writing was so emotional, but I feel comforted knowing the words will always be there.”

Milwaukee Proposal

Congrats to the happy couple!


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