Story Ideas: Landscaping Projects Anyone Can Tackle

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Spring has sprung, and for many homeowners, this means it is time to head outdoors. Now is the time of year to tackle landscaping projects, and HouseLogic has ideas for projects that even the most amateur gardener can take on.

Installing a path with flagstone or gravel is a simple, yet charming yard addition anyone can take on in a weekend and can have a significant impact on a home’s curb appeal. DIYers should make sure to allow three feet of width for clearance, remove sod at least three-to-four inches deep to keep grass from growing back and create curves in the path rather than straight lines for a more visually pleasing effect.

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Check out HouseLogic’s “The Mistake-Free Guide to an Easy-Care Yard(link is external)” for more simple landscaping tips. Speak with a professional landscaper in your area about which projects homeowners can take on themselves and which projects need the help of a pro. Talk to a REALTOR® about which landscaping projects will add the most curb appeal.

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