What We’re Reading: December 11-15

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Fire hazards, side hustles, yogurt, geology, Net Neutrality, traffic, and Star Wars.
And while we’re on the subject, don’t plug space heaters into power strips.
This tree substitute doesn’t need to be watered.
Make your house work for you with one of these side hustles.
Speaking of side hustles, we just found out that you can sell cardboard boxes, so that’s a thing.
Usually they tell you to watch out for hidden sugar in yogurt, but this flavor is very clearly a dessert.
Vulcanologists must be pretty excited about this new land formation.

jar [o]/flickr/2014
Why do restaurants give you bread? Reasons.
Wondering how Net Neutrality affects the public? Here’s an informative Q&A with NYPL President Tony Marx.
If all else fails, use a piece of wet string?
It would be a lot to ask all the drivers of the world to read this article, so we’ll start small and just address Chicagoans: READ THIS.
The new Star Wars movie will be viewed a short time from now on a station far far away.

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