What We’re Reading: February 5-9

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Olympics, rockets, Super Bowl, design, location, and fries.

The Winter Olympics begin this week. Here are 8 things to know about the games and their local impact.

Our favorite flag bearer is back!

Shawn Carpenter 2010

Shawn Carpenter/flickr/2010

“Don’t panic” is right. This went very well.

Congrats to the Philadelphia Eagles (or Iggles, depending on your hometown) on their Super Bowl win! Even Princess Di sported Eagles merch back in the day.

Modular construction will cut the time to completion of this building by half.

It looks like someone is over his lakefront property.

Will location matter as much for real estate once automated cars take over?

Micky D’s french fries will not cure baldness. Did that need to be said?


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