What We’re Reading: July 9-13

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Offices, valuation, avocados, tech, housekeeping, and retail.

Times are changing, and more companies are considering office amenities pioneered by Silicon Valley companies. We wouldn’t complain.

The office is virtual, but the valuation is very real.

Speaking of value, is $23 million high, or is this FLW home worth it?

Of course avocados of this size can be found in Australia.

Kjokkenutstyr Net/flickr/2016

Do you think added security measures are worth your time?

This is the creepiest way to keep a plant alive that we’ve seen so far.

The first 3-D printed housing complex? What do you think?

Finally! Someone is mentioning what we’ve thought is obvious when it comes to shiplap.

Retail trends might have an impact on these companies.

And then there was one.




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