What We’re Reading: November 12-16

 In What We're Reading

Stan Lee, hockey jerseys, Daylight Savings Time, better GPS and much more compiled by Anne-Marie Siudzinski, Senior Library Information Specialist.

The late Stan Lee’s motto–Excelsior!

Fort Lee Focus/flickr/2012

Chip and Joanna are coming back to TV.

3-D hockey jerseys.  Or are they really called hockey sweaters?

Finding your purpose in life can help you live longer.

A ‘New Contract for the Web’.

The end of Daylight Savings Time?

Great gadgets.

Stand up and save your life.

The groom’s mother did not attend his wedding.

2019 decor trends for your home.  Textured wallpaper anyone?

Better GPS for your phone.  Just in time for the holidays.

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