What’s up with these “love letters” from buyers?

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I just sold a house, and about 10 of the 13 offers included letters from the buyers about their family, why they like the house, and most include a couple of family photos. While I appreciated the gesture, it didn’t affect my decision about who I sold the house to.

The people who we sold to aren’t necessarily who we would love to envision living in the house, mainly because it’s across from a good school and they don’t have kids. But regardless, wouldn’t it be considered housing discrimination to not sell for that reason, and if so, what’s the point of even offering that information in the first place?

I was just a little surprised by the practice, and since I’m going to be buying soon, I was wondering if it’s important to write a letter and include a photo? It kind of strikes me as extra fluff and a potential liability if it could put the seller in a position of betting accused of discrimination.

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