Net Neutrality Explained With Burgers; Clean Energy Through Beer; More in Five for Wednesday

 In Five for Wednesday

If you’ve tried to explain net neutrality rules to someone and wound up being a little too abstract, here’s how to explain it with hamburgers.
Budweiser has switched all of its U.S.-based brewing to 100% renewable energy. Is this equivalent to taking 10,000 cars off the road? 20,000? 30,000? Find out just how many.
Apple’s smart speaker, the HomePad, will be released soon. But does it do anything the Amazon Echo and Google Home don’t?
We’re not sure if Vine ever got its feet firmly planted in the real estate community, but we’re likely going to be able to find out: Vine2 is apparently on the way.
Some might say “take gloomy stats about cybersecurity from a cybersecurity software company with a grain of salt.” Regardless, the 2017 Symantec Security Insights Report is pretty scary.

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