Redfin Concierge Now Available in Seattle!

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We’re excited to announce the launch of Redfin Concierge service in the Seattle metro area! Redfin Concierge is designed for sellers who want more help preparing their home for the market. For a 2 percent listing fee, Redfin provides all of its standard selling services and, in addition, arranges and pays for services to get the home in shape to sell quickly, including deep cleaning, decluttering and staging.

Jessie Culbert, a Redfin agent in Seattle, believes Concierge will help sellers succeed in a shifting market. “Last year, the majority of homes in Seattle received multiple offers and sold quickly regardless of condition. That is no longer the case. Sellers recognize they will be more successful by investing in improvements and staging to put their home in the best light possible. As an agent, I always give my clients guidance on how to prepare their home for sale, but Redfin Concierge takes it a step further by handling all of those tasks directly. Redfin Concierge is a valuable and needed service in Seattle and one that I’m excited to be able to offer.”

How does it work?

A Seattle homeowner who is preparing to sell can choose from two options: Redfin’s 1 percent listing fee service or Redfin Concierge service for a 2 percent listing fee.  With Redfin Concierge, sellers get all the services, marketing and technology of our 1 percent service, and in addition Redfin will handle improvements to prepare the home to sell.

Concierge is ideal for sellers who have limited time to spend getting their home ready for the market. Determining which projects will yield the highest return, finding trustworthy vendors, gathering quotes, managing timelines and overseeing work is often stressful and time consuming. With Redfin Concierge, you sign off on the plan, give us the keys, and then rest easy with the knowledge that your Redfin Concierge is taking care of all the details.

If a seller decides to go with Concierge, the Redfin agent and concierge team will work with the seller to create a custom home improvement plan based on what the home needs to attract buyers and make the best debut on the market. Once the plan is approved, Redfin sources bids from vetted service providers and schedules and oversees work throughout the entire project.

Redfin pays for deep cleaning, decluttering and staging, all included in the 2 percent listing fee. Or if the home would benefit more from painting, landscaping or other light handiwork projects, the budget could go towards those items instead.

What are clients saying?

We first launched Concierge Service in Los Angeles and Washington, D.C. in November 2017 and expanded to San Francisco in February 2018. Sellers are thrilled with the service, but don’t take our word for it. Here’s what a few Redfin clients had to say about their experiences:

  • Kate and Kendall, sold their Washington, D.C. row home. “With both of us working full-time and having an active family, we were happy to let Redfin shoulder the most onerous responsibilities to get our home ready to sell. Redfin Concierge was a relationship-saver. Knowing Redfin does this professionally, we put our trust in them, which eliminated a lot of errands and to-do lists and hard discussions about what should be fixed, how to do it and who to hire. Redfin took the guesswork out of it and helped manage the schedule. Everything happened really fast, which was important because we had already purchased our next home and didn’t want to carry two mortgages for long.” Learn more about the home transformation here.

    DC Conceirge
  • Samantha and Alexander, sold their Los Angeles condo: “[Our agent Laura] gave us suggestions of ways to prepare the unit to make it more appealing, and in trusting her alongside the Redfin concierge service they were all proven to be wonderful and accurate ideas…The price we got on our unit absolutely blew our expectations out of the water and we wholeheartedly believe that Laura was the key component in that. Nicole came on board with the Redfin Concierge service to oversee our unit being repainted, interiors cleaned and outdoor spaces power washed, and staged. Nicole and her team managed all of it with incredible professionalism and expert detail. Without a doubt, the changes made hugely impacted the value of the sale – and we owe Laura and Nicole for that!”LA Concierge
  • Jill sold her San Francisco home: “Joanna and her team were personable, professional, proactive and communicative. They helped us all along the way in determining what we needed to do to stage and sell the house, as well as to line up all the contractors to do the work. It was an amazing experience.”

    Jill Concierge Testimonial

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