State of the Market Mega-Thread – Q1 2022!

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Observations, rants, theories, speculation on future market movement, experiences, offer heartbreak, buyer fatigue, seller drama, mortgage drama, appraisal drama, anecdotes, new construction builder shenanigans, rate predictions, frustration with seller listing price strategy, crystal balls, and so on, that you may not feel warrant their own threads, but you want to get it off your chest.

Individual threads of that nature, that are repetitive (the 1000th thread consisting of “omg the market is hot!!”, for example, doesn’t warrant it’s own thread if that’s all the OP is) may be merged into here, too.

The last one finished out the year, usually real estate starts to pick up in terms of volume/activity/etc in the latter half of Q1, may move to monthly thread for the next.

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