The Rule of 3: Communicating to Grow Your Business

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When you contact clients, make sure to offer something of value in the conversation so they don’t see it as a nuisance call. Content sponsor Firepoint, a real estate CRM company, has released The Rule of 3, a guidebook to help you create a communications strategy focused on increasing leads. Here’s what the company says about the book:

The Rule of 3 is a communication strategy for new leads. It’s based on the principle of contacting new leads three times a day for three days, three times a week for three weeks, and three times a month for three months. While on the surface it feels like too much communication, it’s a proven approach that many top agents and teams use to drive their businesses. The guide lays out the details to implement this strategy effectively so that prospective clients see the communication as helpful and valuable, and not as a nuisance. This is the key to converting more leads into clients and growing a real estate business.

Get your copy of The Rule of 3.

This is a sponsored content post. REALTOR® Magazine is promoting the book but has not reviewed or endorsed its content.

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