What We’re Reading: August 27-August 31

 In What We're Reading

Conserving plastic objects, why we spend so much money at Target, live like a Hobbit, favorite decorating accessories, and a tomato fight festival.

Build your own Hobbit House (Hobbit not included).

How long should you sleep?

The problems conserving plastic items, such as Neil Armstrong’s spacesuit, the first artificial heart and a lifelike sculpture.


Find out about the Hello Girls, America’s first female soldiers.

The “Target Effect” is real.  And so is the struggle.

25-story digital art to be projected in Chicago.

Would you rather throw tomatoes or eat tomatoes?  We would rather eat tomatoes personally.

The most popular decorating accessory by state.  What does your state favor–home fragrance, a centerpiece bowl or wallpaper?

Is it too early for Pumpkin Spice Lattes?  Yes, it is.

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