What We’re Reading: August 20-24

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A nun with a great pitching arm, green roofs, house tattoos, set-jetting, floating farms and open offices.

This nun is a better pitcher than Yu Darvish of the Cubs.

It’s hard enough to get one hole-in-one, but three in a day is exceptional!

Michelle Hofstrand/flickr/2005

Green roofs around the world.

Learn how floating farms can bring food production closer to cities.

Smart homes can be so complicated.

This vacation style has really taken off–set-jetting.

To improve the health of its neighbors, hospitals are investing in housing.

Rising sea levels and their impact on property values.

Designing successful affordable housing.

Would you get a tattoo of your house?

Tips on tolerating an open office–plants, noise-cancelling headphones and your office sweater.

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