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Design, Olympics, School Buildings, Cleaning, Instant Pots, and Home Buying.

Want to take your home to the next level? Try out some of these innovative hidden spaces but, you may want to think twice about where you’re hiding your valuables

olympicmedalThe Simpsons has a record of predicting events that eventually become true – this past Saturday it actually happened!

The Capital of Alberta, Canada leans in to its frigid winters.

This is definitely where luxury meets creativity.

From safe rooms to bullet-resistant glass, architects and school districts are reinventing school buildings.

I never would have imagined some of these unusual cleaning methods that involve food!

Stop worrying! Your Instant Pot is safe.

This acquisition, rejected by ‘Shark Tank‘, should improve Amazon’s already strong position in internet-connected home devices.

Sadly, this recently sold oddly shaped building won’t be going to a company that makes blankets or light snacks appropriate for eating on grassy lawns.

7′s are the key, apparently… 7 reasons NOT to buy a house, 7 added costs that come with a bigger house and 7 debunked home-buying myths.

This is quite an unconventional way to sell a house!

I think all non-smokers would agree to this.

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