What We’re Reading: January 22-26

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Micro-Progress, shopping, design, niches, Tide Pods, materials, food, and networking.
1. Find article to share. 2. Copy link. 3. Write line about article. 4. Create hyperlink. 5. Progress achieved!
Brick and mortar with a twist from the company that moved so much shopping online.
Speaking of twists, these buildings and bridges wind and wander.
There’s niche work, and then there’s this.

Paul Lim/flickr/2013
It’s a little too soon for these.
Self-healing concrete! But how?
There’s no time like the present to plan for the future! Is your home ready for robots?
How early do you think the first prefab homes came on the scene?
This is not a satisfying answer, Canada.
Ask better questions at networking events to build yourself a more meaningful network.

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